Mounting a bolt-on procon rotary vane pump (56C Frame)

NOTE You should have these parts before you start:

  • bolt-on pump
  • motor adapter and bolt set
  • 3-piece drive shaft coupling
  • 56C frame motor


Mount the drive shaft coupling

  • Make sure motor is electrically disconnected and cannot accidentally turn on.
  • Mount the half of the coupling for the motor onto the motor shaft and tighten the set screw.
  • Insert the elastomer piece onto the motor piece.
  • Mount the half of the coupling for the pump onto
  • the pump shaft, but do not tighten the set screw
  • Make sure the coupling slides easily onto the pump
  • and the motor shaft, do not force it.
  • Make sure the shaft does not protrude into the
  • space occupied by the elastomer piece. Series 6 pumps require a shaft key.
Mount the motor adapter
  • Use four 3/8 inch dia. by 1 inch long bolts (16 threads/inch) and lock washers. Rotate the pump to orient the inlet/outlet ports.
  • Trial mount the pump onto the motor adapter while engaging the coupling pieces
Check to make sure the coupling is properly engaged
Tighten the set screw on the pump
Check your assembly
  • The elastomer coupling piece should have about 1/16 inch of play between the two metal pieces. If it does not, repeat steps 1-5 until corrected.
Fasten the pump to the adapter
  • Use three 1/4 inch dia. by 3/4 inch bolts (20 threads/inch) and lock washers. For series 6 pumps, use two 3/8 inch dia. by 1 inch bolts (16 threads/ inch).
Make sure the motor rotates correctly
  • Must correspond to the arrows on the nameplate.