Mounting a clamp-on procon rotary vane pump (48YZ Frame)

NOTE You should have these parts before you start

  • clamp-on pump
  • V-band clamp
  • 48YZ frame motor


  1. Make sure motor is electrically disconnected and cannot accidentally turn on
  2. Slip the V-band onto the motor ring flange
  3. Mount the pump to the motor by inserting the tank (shaft) of the pump into the slot on the motor
  4. Rotate the pump to orient the inlet/outlet ports as desired
  5. Make sure the ring flages on the pump and on the motor are properly engaged and flush against one another
  6. Make sure the clamp is fully seated around the entire circumference of the pump and motor flanges
  7. Tighten the V-band clamp using 15 to 30 inch- pounds of torque


  • Do not over tighten the clamp. The V-band clamp is designed to support the pump and fittings only.
  • Loads caused by rigid plumbing or heavy attachments may result in misalignment.
  • Use mounting holes on motor flange to mount motors for Rotary Vane and Mag Drive Pumps.
  • To mount Micro Vane and Gear Pumps use four holes on the pump adapter. Refer to the individual sell sheet for details.