Piping layout

NOTICE Your pump can be ruined or its service life shortened it if does not meet these operating conditions at all times:

  • Pumps must have a fluid supply to the pump inlet greater than the pump’s flow rating
  • Fluid must be compatible with the pump materials
  • Fluid must not contain any particles
  • Pump must not operate above its rated discharge pressure
  • Fluid flow should not stop suddenly while the pump is running
  • Operating pressure should be 50 PSI below PROCON’s relief valve setting
  • Applications with operating temperatures above 150 degrees Fahrenheit require oversized inlet piping
  • If using compressed air to purge the pump of fluid, install a coalescing filter in the air system to

  • prevent contaminated air from entering the pump
  • We suggest that you use the precautionary measures and piping layout that follow. This layout promotes a long, trouble-free life for your pumps.

 procon pipe layout



If particles may contaminate the fluid, use a particulate filter that is capable of filtering particles larger than 125 microns. If the particles are abrasive, use a filter that is capable of removing virtually all of the particles.

Make sure there is at least six inches of piping between the pump inlet and any “T-fitting,” elbow, or system component to minimise turbulence. The piping should be made from a material that does not corrode or shed particles. A flexible hose of plastic, copper, or stainless steel are good choices, among others. Be sure no joint compound or tape falls into the inlet of the pump.