Rotary Vane Pump - Series 3

Rotary Vane Pump - Series 3

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PROCON’s Series 3 Rotary Vane Pumps are ideal for transferring clean, particulate free fluids. The main use is for supplying water to reverse osmosis systems, cold carbonation circulation, and espresso machines. 

The Series 3 is essential to cold carb circulation, due to the aggressive nature of carbonated water attacking softer materials like brass.  Most popular models for reverse osmosis applications are set up to deliver 100 – 140 GPH (300 – 425 LPH) at up to 250 psi (17.5 Bar), while models for cold carbonation are set up to deliver 100 - 125 GPH (100 – 375 LPH) at up to 200 psi (17.5 Bar) which is preset from the factory. 

Available in Stainless Steel Housings which are preferred where the pumping liquid has a low PH or there are strict regulations or concerns about lead migration in particular systems.

For custom built pumps, please allow 10 - 20 days for production and dispatch.
  • Stainless Steel
  • Without Integral Strainer
  • Relief Valve
  • Self Priming 2m
  • Clamp On or Bolt On
  • Consistent flow rate across variable pressures
  • Flow range from 45 to 425 LPH
  • Horsepower required 45 to 469 Watts
  • Self priming and maintenance free with low vibration and pulsation characteristics
  • Works with fluid with viscosity up to 100cP temperature between minus 20C to 90C
  • Brass housing works with TDS max 5000
  • Stainless steel housing works with acidity greater than 2 pH
Procon series 1 2 and 3 drawing